Create memories with relatives and friends!



There is more than one way to improve the level of employee engagement in a company and we believe that it’s important to work together on fun challenges.

Tubing is a fun, cool, and wet event you can do with your colleagues. As you enjoy the water, you can also enjoy the sights, sounds and scenery surrounding you.


Tours can be designed with the following ideas:

– A race, in which your group is split into teams and must compete against each other.

– A tour, in which your whole group stays together and participates in activities throughout the tour.

– Environmental awareness and community projects for villagers along the Navua River.

– Design your own team building! We are happy to cooperate with any ideas which you may have (pending safety regulation).



Are you looking for fun, quality and memorable pre-post wedding adventure packages?

The purpose of our tours and activities is to create fun and relaxed experiences where your guests get to know and feel comfortable around one another.

As local experts, we design the days program and activities for wedding groups. If you are planning to include a group activity in your wedding schedule, just let us know your interests and preferences and we will surprise you with a full day or a half day program for your family and friends.



Our tour guides will always put you and your group’s needs and safety first. Our tour guides require that all our tubing guests wear a life vests and that all children be accompanied by an adult.

You can rest assure that you will enjoy a safe and personally fulfilling river tour that will create memories for years to come.

For more information and group rates please go to our contact us page, we will be glad to assist you.

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